Blackjack Tips And Strategies

To be successful in any card game one must have a combination of luck and skill, blackjack is no exception to this rule. However, a player that knows some basic tips and strategies, and maintains a level head at the table will most definitely have an advantage over others. Before placing a bet at any table it’s important to study all rules of the game. Many people when asked the objective of black jack will say “get as close to 21 as possible without going over”. That mentality may prove to be disastrous. The objective is to beat the dealer, to beat the dealer simply outscore them without busting or force the dealer to bust. Learn terms such as

The target audience for this piece is primarily beginning and intermediate blackjack players. Therefore, I’m assuming most are not playing with $50,000 stakes at high roller tournaments. With this in mind it’s important to understand the reason for playing, know your limits for bets and never let previous winnings or lack of winnings determine your next bet. This concept is what will keep you from shoveling money away in a hurry. Always understand that even if the last three hands you found yourself victorious the same fate is not guaranteed for the next three and does not mean you’re necessarily on a roll and this is your night. Casinos are a outrageously profitable, lucrative business, this title isn’t achieved by having players coming in and winning consistently.

Some strategies that can serve as a guide are to always split eights and aces, stand on seventeen or more, hit on 11 or less, and not to split pairs of 10 value cards and do not abide by the dealers rules. The objective is still to beat the dealer but to do so in a manner that involves the least risk. To eliminate the standard 5% advantage the casino possesses there is the “basic strategy”. The basic strategy was formulated by Julian Braun of IBM. Through millions of computer simulations of blackjack hands Braun was able to discover the mathematical probability of blackjack hands in order to determine the moves necessary to slim down the 5% advantage to a mere 1%.

There is no sure fire way to always be successful in black jack but there are moves to be made that can prove to slim down the dealers advantage and give the average player a slight edge. Using the basic strategy is the best way to put the odds in your favor but if they fail to do so remember to keep a good mindset and play wisely.

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