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The smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life these days. It is impossible to stay without it for even a few hours. The smartphones are essential tools for communication but they are not restricted to be a communication tool only. In fact, the smartphones are a source of entertainment and gaming that also on the go. They have been a big hit with the masses and their popularity is growing every day. Youngsters and adults are becoming addicted to the games on the smart phones which are a way of being engaged all the time and killing time.

Popular games like candy crush, angry bird and other games like online casinos are quite popular among the youngsters. The trend of playing games on the smart phones is catching up as it provides mobility and one can play on the go. The demand of gaming consoles is not increasing at the rate at which the smartphones gain popularity for gaming. In this way in few years, the demand of smartphone industry is going to be enormous and lots of new technologies and sophistications are bound to come.

Mobile gaming has a long history. In fact, in the year, 1976 Mattel Electronic Auto Race was released. It is credited as the first handheld the electronic device for gaming and it was the first of its kind. In the 80’s many others came into the race like the Nintendo, Atari and Sega. Then in the late 90’s Nokia came up with the first pre-installed game, Snake, on its handsets. This was an instant hit in the masses and till date people remember the snake.

Then the era of multiplayer games on the phone came. The wireless application protocol (WAP) introduced these games. Although WAP was a primitive feature but it opened the doors for the other sophisticated advanced versions to come along. The Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) and Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) were developed later.

The other games which became quite popular are the online casinos like The online casino also known as virtual casinos or internet casinos are the internet online version of the traditional casino games. Security is a major concern for the people playing the online casino games. The ensures complete protection of its clients as it is Norton secured site.

Nokia had tried to merge the mobile phone and gaming into one in the year 2004 and had come up with N-Gage. But at that time, it could not become very popular as people did not like the idea of combining a mobile phone with gaming. That year Sony came up with the Play station portable (PSP) and Nintendo released the DS which went on to become an epic success in the gaming industry. PSP was the most technically advanced handheld console and it used the optical disc format instead of the cartridges and it has provision to browse the internet from the device.

The online gaming industry is evolving with time and newer advanced technologies are bound to come in the coming years.

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