Review of Blackjack Sidekick, Blackjack Card Counter Software

The internet is packed with different blackjack card counting strategies and sometimes it might be difficult to pick the right one, especially if you are new to applying a system like this for the first time.

Sometimes if you are going to use a good strategy, you can drastically improve your chances of becoming a winning player and beat the small house edge that blackjack holds.

I’m reviewing Blackjack Sidekick, a new downloadable card counter that allows you to know instantly the best decision you can take in any situation for any hand you have in front of you and for any number of deck of cards. The software is able to keep an excellent card count and this way you can make a decision is less than a second when you’re playing blackjack and this way you should know when to hit or stand while playing blackjack. This should help you improve your chances of winning and diminish the losses while you’re gaining the long run edge over the casino.

In order to understand better how this blackjack card counting software can help you, it’s best that you get familiar with the features are available.

The software is able to analyze any blackjack hand you have in an instant. It has the capability to calculate in fraction of a second what decision you need to make and no matter what set of cards you have in front of you, the number of decks that you are playing with or the combination of cards that are left in the deck.

Another feature is called the Card Tracker. This is utilizing the popular “High-Low counting system” and this can help you keep a good count for the cards that were passed in front of you and it can help you eliminate all the guess work and know exactly what cards might come.

Another useful feature of Blackjack Sidekick is called the “Heat Tracker”. This is able to tell whether the deck is hot. This means that the remaining cards from the deck are most definitely worth playing and they will probably give you some good profits. This feature can also help you know when the deck is cold and when you should give up on playing the remaining cards form the deck.

The blackjack card counting software is able to improve your winnings drastically as there are two analyzer tools Sidebet and Surrender and these should let you know whether you should go for an early payout or you should try the insurance or just be happy with the even money.

Finally another feature that could help you improve your blackjack play on a long term is the Hand Tracker. This is a tool that will keep track of your played hands. This can analyze your play and tell you some easy to understand statistics that can help you improve your play and know exactly where you’re making mistakes and correct them.

I highly recommend Blackjack Sidekick. It’s really helped my games, especially in online casinos. If you’re serious about gaining the edge over the casino, you should really download what I think is the best blackjack card counting software.

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